We at Aquad help you create a strong visual brand through corporate identity. We help you develop every aspect of corporate communication and build identity to accord with and facilitate business objectives.

corporate identity

Supplementing a company vision and culture using graphic design not only helps the company internally but also help the company in outward communications.corporate identity forms the visual part of the overall brand.In general the corporate identity expresses the values and ambitions of any company , its business and characteristics.Corporate identity managemnt invloves planned assesment,mainatenance as well as associated tools and support and anticipating development inside and outside of the company. To function properly a company must develop its own identity based on unique designs and well defined graphics.


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The benefits of strong visual corporate identity

  • It Gives Your Business Personality
  • It Stands Out From Competitors
  • Its Is Recognizable; Being Simple And Clear
  • Recognizable Awareness Of Your Business Will Make It Grow Exponentially
  • Its Creates Strong Reputation Of Your Business
  • Cost Efficiency: A Coordinated Corporate Identity Saves Money
  • Builds Trust And Security : A Strong And Unified Identity Brand Name Establishes Trust
    And Security In Our Business Partner
  • From A Customer’s Viewpoint A Strong Corporate Identity Creates A Sense Of Belonging
    And Reliability
  • A Uniform Corporate Identity Becomes Immediately Recognizable Amongst Its Target
  • Staying Power : Control Over Your Identity Will Allow You To Respond Quickly And
    Effectively To Changes,Thus Ensuring The Immortality Of Your Company
  • A Strong Corporate Identity Sends A Message That The Company Wants To Be

Once your corporate identity is created we at Aquad help you maintain it carefully. For this we utilize a new, powerful and incredibly valuable communication tool: social media.

How we design a visual corporate identity?

  • Conduct An Identity Audit Access The Current Reality
  • Set Identity Objective Clear Goals Are Essential To The Identity Process
  • Develop Designs And Names To Reflect What Consistency Were Already Calling It That Would Give It Unique Identity
  • Develop Prototype Develop Models Using New Symbols Or Names
  • Launch And Communicate Formal Introduction Of Company New Identity
  • Implement The Programme A Communication Process Involving Interpersonal Savvy And Coordinated Approach
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