Project Management Process


Arguably the most critical phase of our digital process, the strategy phase is the foundation for your project. During this phase we get a deeper understanding of your organization, vision, and goals. From that understanding, we develop the digital strategy that guides subsequent project phases.

Planning: It all starts with the initial plan. We meet with you and your team to get a sense of your goals and aspirations. From that, we start to formulate an overall idea and direction.

Research: We identify untapped market opportunities and identify a strategy that will capitalize on them. By getting a deep understanding of your markets, customer motivations, and dissecting your competitor strategies and execution, we identify a winning strategy.

Architecture: In the search engine marketing section we discussed the importance of website information architecture and its effects on website traffic, SEO, and customer flow through your website. We design your initial website architecture based on what we learned during the research phase.


The creative phase translates brand identity into a website design and online messaging to meet your goals.

Design: We refine your brand identity, ideas, and values, then use our artistic inspiration to create your site design. This process is highly collaborative and iteractive. We’ll be in constant contact with you to revise the design according to your ideas and input.

Content: Messaging and design are equal partners that work together to communicate your brand identity, so it only makes sense that the content development and design project phases occur in parallel.

At the conclusion of the creative phase, you’ll have a design and message that’s ready to be turned into a working website.


The development phase is where we turn your completed creative design and message into a functional website. Our software developers say this is when the magic happens; the creative staff disagrees.

Development: This is where the rubber meets the road and the code is written. Our development staff creates the software that runs your website or app and breathes digital life into it.

Population: While your website software is being developed, we upload all of the content into your website content management system. Copy, photography, video, and data are all uploaded into the website.

Testing: Our goal is to build a perfect zero flaws website or app for you. Everything we design and build is put through a battery of tests to ensure that all functional requirements are met, and your website or app renders perfectly on all devices and browsers.

Once development and testing is complete, we’re ready to launch.


During the launch phase, we ready your new website to go live to the world. Part of that process includes planning hosting, connecting the new website to your other integrated systems, and one final test to make sure everything is perfect. Our partnership doesn’t end once the website goes live: we’re here to support you with technical, marketing, and strategy support.

Launch: Go Live Day is the best day! During go live, final data and content migrations are handled, hosting is provisioned, and we deploy your website to the production servers. Once the project goes out to the world, we run though a final test to make sure everything that we designed and built is still functioning as intended.

Training: Even though we always bake ease of use into every project, we include a technical training session with every launch. It gives you the detailed operational information that you’ll need, as well as a best practices guidelines. Of course, we’re still here to help you with technical support if you get stuck.

Evaluation: Once we launch your site, we assess its functionality in the real world with real visitors. We use cutting edge analytics tools to evaluate visitor behavior and site performance.

Improvement: The digital world will always be in a rapid state of change as competitors launch new strategies and market conditions shift. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest online strategies, watch out for competitive threats, and make sure your site is up, running well, and performing.

Even though our process is button-down, we’re pretty fun and informal to work with. If you want to get the whole digital package for your organization get in touch with us.

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