We at Aquad believe that a product plan is important to understand the market opportunities, to target the probable audience of the product, identify the goals related to the product being released in the market and to identify the specific pricing of your product compared to the market competitors. Creating a comprehensive market plan is essential whenever any new product is launched in the market and successive plans are mandate for enhancing the product effectiveness. At Aquad we help you reach out to the most productive market plan.Strategic planning will help you give better direction to your business needs.A pragmatic business plan serve as the voice of the customer and results in product success.

The strategic planning process

Market review

Market review is very important for your business. This includes knowing the market trends, understanding the customer’s needs and to know the competitors positions and moves. Although the product team keeps the record of all this information almost the whole year , it’s important to have dedicated group of people who can keep the information complete and current.

Financial review

Providing revenue and profitability of the product is vital to creating sound product decisions and developing effective future strategies.

Corporate strategy

The corporate strategy should be explicitly presented to your product management team to facilitate development of product strategy.

Product strategy

In This stage we analyze the financial plan for each product area. Our executive team reviews the product strategy to make sure that it is in alignment to the corporate strategy.

Product roadmap and release schedules

The final stage involves developing a roadmap and detailed release plans for the coming quarters that are consistent with the product strategy. It is the official product plan of the record and should be managed with the formal change control procedures.It marks the conclusion of the annual competion cycle and is reapeted every three or four months.

The success of your business will ultimately depends upon the success of your product being launched in the market. We at Aquad understand that the effective strategy plans can be executed only when there is transparent communication between the executive teams.We try to understand your business objectives clearly and then accordingly design a productive roadmap and schedules.

One important part of the strategic planning is promotion of your product. If the product is targeted to a specific audience there are great changes of the product success . Our team minutely designs the promotional strategy for you product based on a quantitative market research. The main objective for having a product strategy plan is to identify a competitive value for your product before it is launched.

Methodology used at Aquad for strategic planning

Competitor analysis

Literature review

Additional grey literature

Treatment guideline review

KOL interviews

The output of the strategic plan is to have a concise understanding of the unmet needs of your product and value target proportions.

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