I didn't got opportunity to work over there but I heard from my acquaintance. They are really doing some amazing work. They are using all new technology stack and making people life easy and comfortable. Most importantly work environment and culture is awesome. No politics and management is pretty amazing, progressive mind they listen your suggestion and consider it.

I know person really well as my master and inspiration so whoever work for this company under such guidance can reach the height of its ambition and success . Also wish u luck sir for the work you are trying to do in our society and thank you for everything. courage,inspiration,will.

It's just amazing company, providing best products to its clients. A good number of products have been developed by the team. I want to work in this amazing environment with a great leader ``Reddy sir``, to whom i can trust blindly. This company is using all possible new technologies to develop their products.

Great initiative sir u are really an inspirational and working with this company make some one more perfect ... and thank you for letting me know about this ... More branches should be open all over India... Specially in central India very few it industry are there ...

Well the founder is to be blindly trusted. He is an inspiration and motivation to thousands of engineers. His team is now doing a brilliant job at aquasoft. Keep the good work up.

I would definitely like to work in this company bcoz the founder of the company is really supportive and motivating...This is platform which can provide us more knowledge and develop our brains to work with technology and enjoy the work...

Nice job, good management team, really happy with their SEO manager, Divya. She got the job done promptly. I would recommend Aquad to all those looking for quality service at affordable price.

Having worked with Aquad earlier, I knew that they are the perfect partner who can drive our digital goals. We needed an agency who can sensibly and professionally plan our digital activities and wisely do digital marketing for our company. And I am glad they are our digital partner still.

I Would like to work here.definitely this company will grow and will get great milestone because founder of this company has a brilliant mind and a true inspiration of many IIT'ns in india. One think I know good brain works everywhere. My best wishes always with you Sir !! May God give you a tremendous success !! Thanks a Lot.

heard from my friends, my mentor....if you want to see your growth for a longer period...its a good start to join this company....eagerly waiting to join this company, people and mentor who work in this company......

My family has insurance company to that we need some online portal we tried 3 companies before but not satisfied finally we got aquad . Aquad has helped make our online insurance product a success in the digital channel .Aquad has been like an extension of our in-house digital team, working out opportunities to boost performance day by day.They have been instrumental in designing campaigns which were efficient in scaling up new user acquisition on both web and app. The team constantly monitored and innovated to deliver growth at an optimized acquisition cost .Aquad is a perfect combination of a powerful automation platform and a super responsive customer success team. Aquad gave us an innovative way to showcase our offerings and effectively reach new audiences.Team Aquad has proven to be great growth partners.It has truly been a pleasure to work with team Aquad.

They employ good developers. My experience was with Soni in the company for Android app. Soni is a dedicated developer. Thank you Soni for your good attitude and had work done with dedication.

Aquad solutions reflects ``Good to great`` approach. I witnessed the same when My father's search regarding his digital appointment manager ended at Aquad. Being a paranormal activist, he has many patients and thus managing them in terms of log management, meeting fix up, profile and treatment history management was big headache. My father wants something with easy to use and platform independent way to deal the healing task. Mr. Praveen at Aquad solutions solved our problem in such a way that everything seems like cake walk to us. Problems was divided into modules, inputs were welcomed from our side, our preference with their ideas finally make me thankful to Aquad solutions for user friendly great master piece as software solution. Currently have one more running project with Aquad on EMF radiation study... Working with Aquad is like being in pool of peace having best piece of technology. I would like to recommend Aquad solutions if you are stuck in digitization of any problem. You will feel lucky. Thanks Aquad solutions!

“I wanna say thanks to team aquad very much, they went above and beyond and delivered a promised results when my website became a mess after an update. I hired one guy before aquad, who couldn't do it, and said it was beyond his skills, which i appreciate the honesty, and he was from Canada. So i decided to give aquad a try, Was pleasure working with team aquad, English skills are great. Knows Word Press, Avada Theme better then anyone i met. Nailed every problem i had, and what was funny while i was looking for errors and reporting them, they are so fast to fix them while we were chatting. Amazing developers at aquad, they deserves all my upcoming projects this month. I think i found my professionals. Thanks Again.

I am a French company and I am trying to make a site a little special for the associations by this company and at the moment I have a very good contact and everything passes well, deadlines are respect and commitments too.
Soon the site edataconnect will be finished with a good maitrise.

Aquad software solution pvt ltd is a nice company.I have given them a project called taxi like booking app.The team has taken a lot of time to complete the project but i am satisfied with the project that they have delivered to me. The developer of the company are quite awesome especially bhawesh soni(sr. developer).Bhawesh soni is awesome towards his work and his client. He has given his 100% effort for making these project complete.
Dheeraj pandey(developer) and pawan(backend developer)are also great towards their work.
Only sales team of the company needs to be trained more.
Sales team should provide a correct and accurate data before getting project assigned so that it will not create a mess during development of project.
Lets see for the future dealing from the company especially the maintenance part.

Over all its a nice company.
Thank you team.

It has been great working with the AquadSoft team. These are intelligent and passionate people who strive for their customer's success.
They are even available at late hours to help out with any issues/urgent request. Really appreciate the commitment!

They helped us with Android and iOS App for 'TiffinGeek' and the backend panel to manage the operations.

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